So why do newbie photogs expect to make money?

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Re: fun, ego, responsibility, expertise

PenguinPhotoCo wrote:

I'm about to enter the world of wedding DJs. My visa says I can buy all I need. Other than seeing it done, i've don't know crap about Dj work. I know some pros that are willing to teach me and I'm going to try and find a few free gigs to learn on. Still dont like learning 'alone' on customers time, but I may get the guy I'm guying the gear from to come and assist at a few gigs.

I suspect that even now on there's a thread with a professional wedding DJ saying "Damn newbies, just think they can buy a deck, do a couple of weddings for free then set up in business. They never went to music college, don't know anything about music theory. Stealing work from us established pros" etc. etc.

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