Help!!! Looking for an early thread Σ8-16 lens

Started Jul 3, 2013 | Questions thread
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Re: Help!!! Looking for an early thread Σ8-16 lens


I have only shot a few pictures with this lens and am not a very critical photographer -- I enjoy Foveon because of it's unique ability to capture all the colors in each pixel. As for the lens, I bought it because of the rave reviews on this site, and I like to be able to capture wide angle scenes when I need to. As for sharpness, I've not compared aperture settings. The photo I posted was hand held and I let the camera decide the aperture and exposure time.

One thing about these wide angle shots -- there are a lot more "things" mapped onto the same sensor pixel count, so one cannot zoom in and get tremendous detail like one can with a narrower field of view. In a print it isn't an issue though, just when one goes zooming in.

Good luck with your decision. My main lens is an older 17-70 pre-OS model that works for most situations. I've been thinking about a telephoto lens, and this forum gives me a lot of information -- the really good ones seem to be very expensive though.

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