Prices on used M9 cameras?

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Re: Prices on used M9 cameras?

Rajesh Rao wrote:

I wish they were in the $2500-$2800 range. I was in the market for one and most of the good examples were in the $4K range. The odd one showed up in high $3k (3800-3900)range, but I haven't seen any below that price.


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I follow some private forums dedicated to Leica only and the cheapest I've seen so far was 2800 euros. But it was used quite a lot, cosmetically.

Usually most of second hand M9's are sold for 3300-3500 euros but they doesn't seem to sell easy.

I am looking for a used M9 but since there is the new M I feel M9's don't deserve such high price anymore. I wait to see if they settle under 3000 euros to consider again...but I feel I have better go for a used M8 and save my cash for a used M in few years

What bothers me a lot is the old screen take on both M8 and M9 as well as the slow writing and reading speed. When I had my M8 it was not bothering me but now I have a feeling I could not stand

M8 and M9 are practically the same except for FF vs 1.3 crop sensor. You gain 1 stop with the M9 but no M9 or M8 are high iso beasts so...for just one stop I would rather go for a used M8 at 1200 euros. I feel M8's are the real bargain now but it's a bit of a pain to pay 1200 euros for a camera that cannot be serviced anymore...

With Leica it's like buying an old Jaguar...think twice...

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