Anyone using a quadcopter for aerial stills?

Started Jul 5, 2013 | Discussions thread
TrapperJohn Forum Pro • Posts: 16,488
Played around with the idea about twelve years ago

I started, as an interesting tech hobby, a project to turn a traditional RC helicopter into a remotely piloted vehicle, using an onboard embedded processor, wi-fi link to a base station with a joystick, and onboard video. Ended up with a large RC chopper that had a six foot rotor blade span, that could carry up to ten pounds of extra weight and remain flyable. Onboard GPS gave me location, and the possibility for autonomous guided flight. Stabilization was a real problem, helicopters are directionally unstable in all axes, and at that time a 6DOF gyro was very expensive.

Attached my Oly E10 in a dampened mount, rigged up a servo shutter release, and got a few interesting shots.

Abandoned this after 9/11 - what with the general paranoia after that, it didn't seem to be a good time to building a device that can carry a 10 pound payload and navigate to within three feet of its target.

But even then, I could see this concept had a big future. Being able to get live video from inaccessable locations... over a burning building for firefighters, in hazmat spill areas, any place it wasn't practical or safe to put a person.

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