What's your primary interest, video or photos?

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I agree with pretty much everything you say here, but I'm afraid you probably can't ask this question on DPreview to get a representative understanding of what people are using DSLRs for today. I say "wrong forum" tongue in cheek" because obviously you have to ask this question somewhere on DPR. I would guess that more than 95% of the people here are primary still shooters as I am, with a wide mixture of how much they use the video component of a DSLR. Anyone primarily interested in the video aspects are mostly driven away by those who are against video in a DSLR or find this forum a complete waste of time to discuss it because very few people can answer the detailed video issues they want to ask about and they end up finding a non-gear specific forum to discuss it on.

Back to your question, the capability to shoot video is one of the reasons I "upgraded" my D300 to get a D7000. I don't use it much, but the times I want it I'm glad to have my video capable DSLR with me. I would never a carry a camcorder unless I was 100% certain I'd want to use it and would miss not having it with me at times. That is not to say I want much of Nikon's resources going toward video based enhancements. As long as they continue to at least give me enough still shooting enhancements, I'll likely keep upgrading every few years.

I too am completely un-envious of the new 70D as it does not have a single new feature on it that I would pay to upgrade for. That is not to say I don't like the advancements in concept and would welcome all those features provided I had another compelling (stills related) reason to get the new body.

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