To NX300 from Nex5N / Pentax K-r

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To NX300 from Nex5N / Pentax K-r

Hi guys,

I see the forum is not one of the most lively around, but nonetheless there seems to be some good information available if one digs deep.

My scenario: I currently have as main camera my Pentax K-r with 21, 40 and 70mm LTD lenses. As zoom I have the 16-45 F4 which I also find pretty great. My 50-200 I gave to my father over Xmas as I wanted to upgrade to a longer focal length....but never did so far as I do not use a tele so often.

When my son was born about 2 years ago I also got a Nex5N with kit lens to do video with as well as acting as a camera for my wife (she hates viewfinders and big DSLR's...).

Fast forward and the current situation is that we are now enjoying the small mirrorless camera a lot. Pictures are on par with my Pentax (although not close to the LTD's of course) and I never tend to take the Pentax anywhere anymore. So now I am considering selling my Pentax gear and switch completely to mirrorless.

Option 1 is that I use the money to get myself some decent lenses in the NEX mount, plus maybe a Nex6 (extra manual controls is dearly needed with that weird software interface) and I am still thinking that a viewfinder for me might be nice. But somehow that criteria is becoming less and less idea why. Maybe because I do not shoot Tele so much. Anyway, the added advantage here is that I will then end up with two small bodies with one zoom for the missus and another with primes for me.

Lens options I consider there: Sigma 30mm or Sony 35, The Sony 50mm or Sigma 60mm, the 10-18 and also the 55-210 (for the occasional visit to South Africa and family).

Option two is to switch completely as I am in any case not heavily invested in NEX. I did look at m4/3 and am not unfamiliar with their lenses. But I prefer to stay on APS-C or bigger.

Fuji is great for photos...crap with video and priced in such a way that my bank account will not agree.

So that brings me to the Samsung NX300. I like it. Still have to try it in the shop, but the control layout seems very logical (hello Sony...) and the lens selection and price/performance of them more than decent.

My interests would be: NX300 double lens kit (18-55 and 50-200) together with 30mm and 45mm. Adding the 12-24 seems very good as well...and the 60mm can be added at a later stage f I feel the 45 is too wide for my portraits (most likely...but 45 is still a decent focal length and has a very good DOF).

My questions are related to people that might have experience in both the NEX and NX system (Erik I think?). How do they compare for you (as a whole...not necessarily individual components) in terms of handling, operation, focus, accessing features like: focus point selection, manual mode and also operating a flash gun off camera. does the video compare between the two? I don't do fancy stuff...usually let the camera do everything. But the Sony gives me really good quality and good focus tracking.

Also, I scoured the rumour sites, but Samsung info seems to be thinly spread. There were rumours of a 24mm, 55mm and especially a 70-400 or 80-400 depending on the website. Any idea if any or all of these would surface? Maybe I am missing some recent info. The 24mm especially would attract my attention. I would imagine the 80-400 could be a bit of a beast on the nx300.

Ok....typed probably way too much. But anyone willing to give advice or ideas are very welcome. I tend to over analyse things generally.

Thanks again!


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