For those who have used DSLRs... what brand did you use?

Started Jul 5, 2013 | Polls thread
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For those who have used DSLRs... what brand did you use?

Many M4/3 users have moved up from using P&S cameras or high end compacts.

But a great many others were DSLR users who have switched to M4/3 or who use a M4/3 in conjunction with their DSLR as a second camera. This question is for the later group.

I think many of us who are/were Olympus 4/3 users assume that most of us here were also Olympus users. But that might not be the case, since this new format holds appeal to all shooters who wanted something smaller and more convenient that still delivers first rate IQ. And any brand lenses can be used with a M4/3 camera, if you have the right adapter.

So, lets find out.

If you previously used a DSLR, or still use a DSLR, which brand is it?

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Canon EOS mount
32.2% 66  votes
Nikon F mount
30.2% 62  votes
Sony Alpha mount
3.9% 8  votes
Pentax or Samsung K-mount
10.2% 21  votes
Olympus, Panasonic Lumix or Leica 4/3
23.4% 48  votes
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