i purchase olympus omd body, and now?

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Re: i purchase olympus omd body, and now?

Choosing a lens to suit your camera bag sounds like the completely opposite way of doing it - why compromise on the lens when you could just buy yourself a slightly larger camera bag to hold the setup you have? Significantly cheaper, less hassle and you don't have to compromise on the lens that you use.

If you are determined to swap lenses, a few to consider:

The Olympus 14-42mmII - a great compact kit lens, respectable quality and should suit.

The Panasonic 14-42x power zoom - even smaller again, some people have issues, but for the size it is unbeatable.

The latest Panasonic 14-42mm kit lens (sold with the G6 and GF6)  which is an upgraded optically and mow more compact lens than the previous version.

A smaller prime lens like the 14mm f2.5 or 20mm f1.7 - far smaller, stunning quality and faster apertures, but no zoom.

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