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Re: obviously don't read Thom (or this article carefully)

It seems the only people who think Thom only critizes Nikon's competitors are those that don't read him except very briefly in threads like this.

In response to your specific point, Thom asks, if intent is to slow D7100 sales, why not announce earlier, closer to D7100 announcement? That would have made more sense to me also. He is not just saying Canon shouldn't announce early and criticizing that aspect.

I don't know what all the angst is about. Thom legitimately questions what Canon was thinking on the timing of this announcemnt based on his past experience as a marketer. Some people have posted legitmate anwers that make sense, but most take the approach in their response that Thom is pro-Nikon and hates Canon and therefore what he writes is fan-boy driven drivel. After reading all responses in this thread so far, I still don't understand the reasoning behind the timing of the announcement. Again, note that Thom is not just saying it was too early.

I hope the "reason" turns out to be that Canon has a lot more exciting announcements to make in August and September and they want to space them out as Thom suggested as one of the possibilities.

TTMartin wrote:

Headline news 'Nikon Guru doesn't like what Canon is doing!'

Of course he doesn't like that Canon announced the 70D. Many people who might have bought the D7100 will now wait for the 70D.

He says it hurts 60D sales, but, what it will really hurt is D7100 sales, and being a Nikonian, that's what he really cares about.

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