Edward Snowden -- Running like a coward

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Do you now know?

sensibill wrote:

taintedcamera wrote:

Now that's a far stretch, considering that it has been well documented that China is into the spying game strictly for the industrial/corporation secrets. The NSA are certainly not spying on France for their expansive industrial knowledge, as they are not spying on China for their corporate secrets.

And the USA isn't? China is quite frank about their corporate espionage. The USA just controls the media and 'culture' so that we breed cows that don't know or don't care one way or the other.

No the US isn't. Japan and the US have been the world leaders concerning the numbers of world patents granted for decades. So much so that the US and Japan had more patents together than the rest of the world combined!

Until... The age of cyber-espionage.

Since 2007 the number of patents granted to China has risen more than twenty fold in comparison to the rest of the world.

In a little over five years....


  • China - 19,000 patents
  • US - 400,000 patents


  • China - 203,000 patents
  • US - 410,000 patents


  • China - 435,000 patents
  • US - 425,000 patents


The NSA biggest concern today is to see to it, that when the Big Bang does goes off, and it someday certainly will, they will know exactly who were the 'friends' involved in the interim of analyzing the trail of the lighting that wick.

Whatever the hell that means.

It's not quite rocket science now is it?

Hey sensibill...

Think Man!

When people are observed covering such trails today, be them friend or foe.... it is time their communications be closely watched.... no matter what country they are from.
And if any one country wants to bitch about being eavesdropped on..... Too Bad!

Except that we aren't the World Police and the USA doesn't have the right to flagrantly violate the privacy of other countries' citizens.

Oh yea we do.....!
Just like everyone else does to the US. The freaking thieves!

Who you determine is 'friend or foe' and what you do with them is in question, here. Do we waterboard everyone who speaks out against the guvmint? Criminalize dissent? You secessionist teabaggers might not like that last bit.

So now only those who waterboard everyone, and only those who believe in a strong USA are only teabaggers and no one else.


I think now we can all rest assured that any so called documents won't come from Snowden himself, but rather only statements of such coming from the anti-US crowd overseas.

Kind of telling though, when the ENTIRE WORLD is the 'anti-US crowd'.

You really seem that you don't have the full understanding of how or why that became so.....

The very reasons for the USA to establish the NSA communication rational, is indeed for national security.... albeit friend or foe.....and nothing else.

If you are a person who can truly trust anyone outside of your family.... then you are indeed a very lucky man.

There will not be any official 'Snowman' documents for all to see... only fraudulent or undetermined origin of said documents, or other hear-say statements from the IMFA....
International Multinational Fraudsters Association.

If this were true, the NSA wouldn't give a fig about the guy.

But it is true. There is really nothing more that this traitor can leak, beyond the make believe.

Can't have it both ways, there. Either he's correct and you're a sheep fool for attacking a valuable whistleblower, or he's a know-nothing faker and the USA is spending umpteen millions on reeling him in because of... Posturing? Yeah, sure.

Well now that you've stated that he 'Snowden' is "valuable whistleblower", we know how you stand on the subject. My stance is that he did indeed do domestic harm, in that the US will be hindered in some small way..... but not in any sense of harming international diplomacy. The smarter of the diplomats of said countries know better than that.... and they will keep their mouths shut in public.

You see, all the international boo-ha-ha your reading about, is the biggest international farce since the 9/11 political conspiracy idiots, and their media backers (hackers) broke out onto the net. All to try and convince the plain everyday idiots how to think about the US.

That would include the propagandist magazines of Germany, Der Spiegel, Bild, Stern, Das Beste, the Blick of Switzerland, the RT of Russia, and a host of newspapers in France. And yes some components of even the BBC. These are the majority of journalist along with a few politicians speaking out against the USA/NSA, who have a personal agenda of their own.

This grandstanding by these obvious to most, fakes and foreign idiots, is by far the most dangerous component of our time.... not the actions of the NSA..... in fact they are partly the cause for the NSA's actions. Do you now know what "the hell that means."

......relish in all it's splendor. You may not have very long.

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