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Re: plus Canon has been known to deliberately cripple with firmware

PepsiCan wrote:

GPW wrote:

Canon did it with the 7D?

....which was three years after they released the camera, not after three months.

Not only was it three years later, but Canon has been known to deliberately cripple some lower end bodies through firmware to segregate their models. This was proven by some firmware hacks allowing additional features on lower end bodies. I'm not saying Nikon doesn't do this too, just that it hasn't been proven to my knowledge that they have by a firmware hack (bracketing "hack" to get 8 fps on D300 without external grip may be an exception, but I understand Nikon had a reason for this that is OT).

Canon claimed they were able to increase framerate with more efficient transfer algorithyms or something like that if I recall. This may be partially or completely true, I don't know, but it would also make sense to me to uncripple a framerate limitation that was deliberately programmed in to protect the 1D series to allow additional life of the 7D while they get the 7DII ready. Plus they made all their existing owners ecstatic, looks like a win-win to me.

Back to Nikon, I believe the D7100 spec is what Nikon wants it to be to "protect" (differentiate) the D400 whose release is imminent. Maybe in two years when Nikon needs to delay their D7200, they'll release a more efficient firmware package that increases the D7100s buffer, but I doubt it.

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