nikon 10-24 or tokina 11-16 for D7100

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Re: My Tokina creates too much CA and purple cast

Interestingly, the Tokina also receives four stars from Photozone if you look at Canon mount (it is not listed among Nikon mount lenses at all).

Regarding CA correction in post, everyone keeps saying that it is easy. Not in Aperture 3 I would argue. In Aperture it is virtually impossible from my experience. The CA correction tool only corrects yellow/cyan and red/blue CA (not purple/green). The Moire slider (which is supposed to deal with purple fringes) is virtually useless. And the Halo removal paintbrush, while rather effective at masking purple fringes, leaves very dark marks and it is a pain to use on large areas. My best results in Aperture so far was using plugins but that automatically converts RAW files to TIFF creating 50MB copies which is very inconvenient. I briefly looked at Lightroom CA correction and it seems it also requires selective colour desaturation which may affect the real colours in the picture unless you brush it in which is not that "easy" in practice (and also the same technique could be applied in Aperture so I don't see a need to convert).

I guess I will play a bit more with Tokina and either will get used to CA and stop paying attention to it or use Aperture plugins for my best shots. Does D300 correct CA in-camera for JPEGs?

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