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Re: E-1 - temptated .. but what about 5 MP DETAIL ?!?

John King wrote:
However, that doesn't explain the better WB and colour correctness (IMO) of the E-1 as against the 5D.

At portraits, E1 shifted to magenta and 5d shifted to yellow, at least on default profile. It's a personal preference which you dislike less, but neither was even close to being color-correct. I prefer the look of 5d for landscapes; for portraits, it's a toss. For flowers, E1 is slightly better but both are very good. Olympus has a horrid yellowish rendition of green; Canon's green has a full deep hue and is much better. Canon's profiles are closer to Adobe's internal profiles for lightroom, so when you apply generic Adobe profiles to Olympus files, they look like Canon. So it's all basically a jpeg profile and WB issue, nothing specific to the sensor itself. Generally speaking, I'm much happier with 5d than I ever was with E1. It is quicker, more responsive, has a miles better viewfinder, has better AF, the colors are as "meaty" as E1 at its best, the resolution is three times better - all in all, it's a much better camera. That doesn't say that I didn't like E1, or that it can't take great pictures. I can take good pictures with E-PL1, which doesn't make it a good camera. In most ways it is horrid.

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