To much "america F yea"

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Now you're talking out of your Ass

Anepo wrote:

mamallama wrote:

Anepo wrote:

I get that it is the 4th of july but when celebrating it here could amerivans try to be less "f everyone else" and be less arrogant extremist pro usa? Also please americans stop talking about europe, 90% of the time you are talking out of your butts when you claim something about it.

It must be you looking for things about America. The celebration here is largely internal for self contained pride. I found the same type celebration in Paris on Bastille Day.

I went through various threads with no mentions in the title that it relates to the 4th of july and yet i found people saying violent things and threatening violence against other countries just because its the 4th of july.

Now you're talking out of your Ass.

One hundred fifty nine posts in four years to the day, keeping you still in the rookie dept. Not enough to hang in 1057.
Does your disdane for the American 4th celebration, in some way bring you out of the closet?

You are sounding very much like an extremist.... the Left will love you here. As one has already pointed out.

Thank you for proving my point. Rurope is not in the middle east nor is any european country run by islamic laws, the majority beleive in god & jesus, and europe is far from dying, it is more thriving than the us.

I am hoping that Snowden does make it to Iceland. From your postings, that would make him an easy catch.

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