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Re: E-1 - temptated .. but what about 5 MP DETAIL ?!?

Sensor technology came a long way since then. Also, E-1 had some significant flaws, for instance it had a two second power-up delay, it had slow writing to the card, high ISO was very noisy, and all in all, the main thing for it are the colors, or overall image quality at low ISO. If you ignore the lack of detail, the image impression was second to none. However, Canon 5d has colors that are equally good, but it produces a very detailed 12.8MP image and is much better at high ISO, so if you're into legacy digital, it is a much better choice today, methinks. I had E-1, used it a lot, but its image characteristics prevented me from shooting landscapes because it just wasn't detailed enough to make big prints. So I migrated to Canon 5d which can do everything E-1 can, and everything it can't.

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