To much "america F yea"

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Re: To much "america F yea"

Slider44 wrote:

Anepo wrote:

I get that it is the 4th of july but when celebrating it here could amerivans try to be less "f everyone else" and be less arrogant extremist pro usa? Also please americans stop talking about europe, 90% of the time you are talking out of your butts when you claim something about it.

If you are going to attack, make sure next time you do so by using proper spelling and capitalizations, otherwise you look kind of childish, immature, and uneducated.

All months are capitalized, and clearly the word is America, not amerivans. Also, Europe should be capitalized.

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That is a very petty way to counter someone form Iceland, whose native language is Icelandic.

How many foreign languages do you write and speak flawlessly ?

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veni vidi vomi

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