ACR clarity - what does it do? How to achieve in other RAW tools?

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ACR clarity - what does it do? How to achieve in other RAW tools?

Hi all,

I'm currently trialling PSE11 and LR5 and in particular i like the clarity option in both. No other RAW developers seem to have this setting, is it a combination of a number of things that Adobe have put together? If so, does anyone know what so i can achieve similar in other tools?Its a little bit like sharpening, but better. Maybe a tad of contrast?

I do like LR5, but i probably use about 10% of it and for the amount i use it it is way too expensive. PSE11 i'm not a fan of. I don't like the cut-down ACR (no lens CA correction in particular) and if i was given a choice of PSE11 or GIMP+Ufraw (which is SLOW, Mac) i think i'd choose the latter.The PSE11 Organiser is not worth anything to me, i just found it frustrating and slow.

The other option i'm considering is Darktable which i will be installing over the weekend. This has all the options of LR that i use apart from clarity. Whether it does them as well as LR i'm yet to discover.

Other options:

Picasa - raw development in that is very basic.

Olympus Viewer 3 - very slow, for some reason only had sharpening values of -2 -> 2.

GIMP + Ufraw - Ufraw side is frustratingly slow.]

Aperture - haven't tried, but have been totally put off it by iPhoto and all the blurb about sharing libraries (which is the worst thing about iPhoto) scares me.

Any other options i should also be considering?


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