Dell U2713H and calibration?

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Re: Dell U2713H and calibration?

Phil_L wrote:

I am contemplating getting a Dell U2713H monitor to go with a new PC!

How good is the factory calibration compared to (i) XRite software LUT calibration and (ii) ordinary calibration tool results respectively?

See .  On a quick read, I think they're saying that a user calibration (with a Colormunki or whatever) is much more accurate.  I'd expect that, as all monitors drift away from factory conditions.

Also interested in hearing general comments from users.

Is it worth keeping an older screen (19" Eizo) to make a dual monitor setup?

Definitely.  It doesn't matter that the 2nd monitor is different - just calibrate/profile it anyway, but use the better monitor for critical colour assessment.  In fact, it's quite useful having the main monitor wide-gamut and the 2nd one normal-gamut.  It shows up instantly any colour management issues (i.e. if the colours aren't the same on both).

One thing to remember: most browsers don't do colour management properly.  Only Firefox and Safari are properly colour managed.  And by default neither colour-manages images that don't contain embedded profiles, which means most web pages look over-saturated on a wide-gamut monitor.  (You can turn on option to make Firefox assume untagged images are sRGB - set gfx.color_management.mode to 1 - Google for how to do it.)

Also note that to my knowledge no browser correctly colour-manges a 2nd monitor - only the primary monitor.

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