Why buy a new Fuji X lens, when you can buy an equivalent fixed lens body for less?

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photo perzon
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Do you want your wife to look 10 years older or younger?

I got the arch enemy of the GR, the Nikon A.  So sharp and dermatological, my wife looked in horror as every wrinkle was evident.  Our dermatologist wrote that there was no need for an office visit it was like being there looking at the jpegs.

We had gotten spoiled with the great Fuji X look (someone called it "detail withou texture.")

In photographer's non-terms, the Fuji makes people have rosy cheeks and less wrinkles.  The GR and the A are so sharp and contrasty, people just look older.

My wife did not let me take another picture of her for a month!  She'd gotten used to 10 years younger with Fuji and 10 years older with the Nikon A closed the model sessions.

After some work with the X100 she's back.

On the other hand the dogs never looked better.  Every hair is seen perfectly.

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