We are just not loved in the Canikon world

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We are just not loved in the Canikon world

It makes me fume sometimes. I follow a lot of forums and Im always sticking my oar in to recommend Pentax as a system and Im always losing the argument

Typical quotes after Id suggested a K5 or a K30 include

"Yeah, but its a Pentax.

I don't necessarily have anything against Pentax. But as with Sony, I'd make sure you know what you're getting into, the lens support is much more sparse and underdeveloped on those two. I wouldn't buy into them myself as a system. Whilst some people do, and that's their choice, if you're really looking to buy into a system long term I'd probably avoid Pentax/Sony"


I'll echo D.P's comments, I wouldn't go for the Pentax. They make good cameras, but the lens selection simply isn't as good as Nikon or Canon's


I have always liked the look of Pentax camera bodies, unfortunately I then look at the range of lenses and decide I'm better off sticking with Nikon.


Yeah the Pentax bodies have always been very good but lenses are too limited, third party lenses are too expensive due to a lack of suppliers and there's no long term professional option within the K-system.

There is more

If there does come a future full frame Pentax then a lot of this will change assuming they continue to use Nikon's sensors, but that doesn't change the fact that an awful lot of the current Pentax lineup only gives an APS-C imaging circle and there's been no push to develop a well rounded professional level lens system within the k-mount. Any body that comes out that can only use second hand or third party lenses has already shot itself right in the foot.

OK, I get the full frame bit as I see too many people fixating on this here and elsewhere, but it seems to me that Pentax have a big image problem amongst photographers. Most newbies (like I did) will look at the spec list and the price, make half a decision and then go online for advice. This is where they then get 'guided elsewhere'

I remember my experience, Id more or less decided on a 2nd hand K20D and the amount of advice against the K20 and for the Nikon 3000 or 5000 or the Canon rebel xxx nearly made me change my mind. For me, the weather sealing and mainly my memories of my dad who always shot Pentax probably helped me to resist as it was the first brand I looked at, so there was obviously an emotional attachment. However Pentax still have a major image problem, but who fixes it? Is it the company by spending millions of marketing dollars or is it us, should we stop hanging out in our little clubs laughing at the Canikon users and get out there posting photo's and arguing for the Pentax system which really is ideal for someone who is just starting out.

The lack of full frame really isn't an issue for a beginner, I couldn't care one bit, APSC will do me for many years yet...

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