nikon 10-24 or tokina 11-16 for D7100

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My Tokina creates too much CA and purple cast

I've got the Tokina just over a week ago primarily based on the online reviews and also because it has faster lens which is important to me since I shoot a lot indoors.

I was quite impressed with the sharpness of the lens, build quality, and also though it would compliment nicely the upcoming Sigma 18-35 1.8 if I ever decide to buy it.

Now after one week of playing with the lens I have one serious complain - I am getting quite a lot of purple and green fringes (CA?) in almost all my pictures, enough to make me notice, which has never been the case with all my other lenses (which happen to be all Nikon 2.8). In addition to fringing, sometime the entire image is getting quite strong purple cast which I prefer to remove in Aperture by completely desaturating purple channel.

I am not sure whether it is a defect or a common characteristic of the lens. All picture exhibiting purple cast and excessive fringing were taken either in shade or indoors. Some of them might have been underexposed slightly. Some are taken at f2.8. I shoot with D300 in AUTO WB. Same settings are used with other lenses with no complains whatsoever.

I would be very interested to hear some expert opinion on whether it is something to be expected from Tokina and/or any UWA lens in general (including Nikon 10-24) and/or if there is anything could be done to remediate the issue. I think this might help your decision as well.

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