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Re: Well, I'm kind of late here, but thought I'd add my 2 cents.

veroman wrote:

However, as MP goes up, resolution improves (all else being equal) and that's a fact. You can't print detail that isn't there.

There it is again ... that phrase "all else being equal." And if all else ISN'T equal, then MP going up doesn't automatically and necessarily translate into improved resolution.

What wouldn't be equal, aside from the sensor, if comparing, for example, the E1 to the E5?  I mean, you could use the same lens, right?  And you would use the same software to process the photo, right?  Or, if you're shooting OOC jpgs, are you saying that the E1 jpg engine is superior to all other in camera jpg engines?

And, no, you can't print detail that isn't there. But if the detail that IS there is well-defined and perhaps even BETTER defined than another camera, then you end up, as I do, with prints that have excellent detail.

In what way would the captured detail on an E1 be superior to the captured detail on an E5?

The interesting thing about "detail that isn't there" is that a casual observer of the print doesn't know that the detail isn't there. They don't know what's missing or if anything at all is missing. And yet, that same person can find that same image perfectly acceptable if not great ... worthy even of purchasing.

As the old saying goes, "Content Is King." Detail is not king, no more than megapixels are king. We often chase after the wrong things. I'll take soft, blurred superior content before I'll take sharp, detailed pictures of nothing important.

That's a straw man argument, you know.  Why would you capture "superior content" on an E1 but "detailed pictures of nothing important" on a camera with more pixels?

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