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Living and loving it in Bangkok, Thailand. Canon 7D - See the gear list for the rest.

Bangkok ? I will be visiting Bangkok this summer ! How do you like it for cityscapes / street photography ?

Cheers !

It is like any foreign city, you will find lots of things that are different than you are used to and interesting to photograph. Sometimes it is the person on the street, sometimes the buildings, and sometime the combination.

Of course the tourist attractions like the Royal Palace and the various temples should be visited and they are always good subjects for photographs. Chinatown can offer some good opportunities for photography. Check the guide books for historical buildings, which are fast disappearing in BKK.

I have lived here long enough that it isn't really foreign to me anymore but I'm still fascinated by things the ordinary Thais rely on such as street markets. You can buy just about anything in them from fresh foods to toys to clothing to cell phones. It is the people there that are my center of attention. Outside BKK is a floating market - your hotel can help you arrange a trip there.

Street food is everywhere and if it is cooked and served up to you it is generally safe to eat and usually very good tasting. If you like very spicy food you will be in heaven.  If very spicy is too much just say mai pet (which means not spicy and is pronounced like "my pet" in English)

Just don't eat papaya pok pok, which is a salad of shredded green papaya mixed with crushed live land crab and various other things - the crabs are a sure way to get BKK Belly and leave you in love with your toilet seat and force a quick trip to either the drugstore (chemist) or hospital for antibiotics.  Even if they don't add the crabs for you they generally don't wash the mortar and pestle between uses, even in fancy restaurants, so be warned.  papaya is pronounce "pah pah yai" where the "a" is like in "ah".

By the way, the street markets along Sukhumvit between the corner of Soi 3(across Sukhumvit it is Soi 4) and Asoke are ripoffs.

Pick up a BTS elevated map, which will show you the routes for both the BTS and the MRT subway.

For shopping visit MBK (BTS Stadium Station) or the Platinum Mall on Phetchaburi Rd. Both Pantip Plaza (electronics, software, DVDs, cameras, etc) and Platinum Mall are within walking distance of the BTS Ratchathewi Station.  They are shown on the BTS map.  Across the street from the Platinum Mall is an open air clothing market.  It is fun to wander through it looking for clothing but don't expect to find a large selection if you are a 6' overweight farang (Thai for foreigner).

A good day trip from BKK is to Ayuthaya by bus, returning on the dinner boat. A half day at Muang Boran is good - you can probably hire a taxi for 2000 Bt to take you there, through the park, and return you. Another day trip is by bus to Bridge Over the River Kwai, a ride on the railroad, lunch, a jaunt on a long tailed boat on the river Kwai, and return.

Chiang Mai is a nice place to visit. Get a private sleeper car in the late night train so you will be awake when you leave the flat central plains and enter the mountains. Be sure to tour the various factories where they make umbrellas, furniture, and pottery. A trip up Doi Suthep is a must. The night market is a good place to visit and you should go to a performance at the Old Chiang Mai Cultural Center

Lots of dogs are street animals (soi dogs) but people feed them and sometimes do more to care for them. In the cool (no such thing as cold to a Westerner in BKK) season they will put old tee shirts on the dogs to help keep them warm. They sleep just about anyplace they want. Most are friendly but don't count on it - some of them will bite.

There are also soi cats too and they are likewise well treated. Again most are friendly but that can vary. Many are welcomed into the street markets since they help keep the rodents down.

The BKK adult entertainment areas of Nana Entertainment Plaza and Soi Cowboy are interesting but pale by comparison the Walking Street in Pattaya. Forget Patpong in BKK - it is a complete rip off area.

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Living and loving it in Bangkok, Thailand. Canon 7D - See the gear list for the rest.

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