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Re: MP

Daedalus2000 wrote:

Misha Pedan wrote:

Leo33 wrote:

C' mon, MP I'm sure you you can do way better than that! :)))


Дорогой Лео!
Иди в жопу с твоими придурковатыми задрочками.
Дело ведь не в том, что я могу, а в том, что ты бездарен.
И перестань лепить смайлы, они не уменьшают вонь.

Before anyone responds to this, please spend some time looking at Misha's website and you will appreciate his work. Everything else is just noise, maybe cultural differences, only the photography matters...!home

Everything makes more sense when all the work is seen together...

Thou dost protest too much, my friend...

It doesn't make any sense to me - at best it is "you don't get it, I do these 'clever' compositions.  You don't get it".   None of this is visually pleasing in any way, for me personally.   And no, I won't translate all this to Russian or  some other more exotic language like Pashtun.

"See the world in a grain of sand" and all that.

Trust you are well, Kostas.



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'Change is not Mandatory, you don't have to Survive...'

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