To much "america F yea"

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I have to say

shutterblaster wrote:

Chato wrote:

shutterblaster wrote:

I went through various threads with no mentions in the title that it relates to the 4th of july and yet i found people saying violent things and threatening violence against other countries just because its the 4th of july.

Prove it. link please.

Why would you ask for an actual link? Isn't it enough that he "said it?"

On the other hand, while I haven't found any links, I DID find that the US government was ready to risk the life of a head of State on the mere suspicion that his airplane contained Snowden. Now I don't know about you, but it's difficult to imagine a more arrogant and brutal stance then that, coming so close to the 4th.

We are living at a moment where our rights as citizens, are coming down to celebrating our Constitution being reduced to garbage, fit only wrap fish guts. You "good" with that?

This has been going on for some time. And no I am not good with that.

What freaks me out is NOT the actions of the government, but the reactions of the American People. Once upon a time, a government which abrogated the Constitution would find it itself with a rating of near zero, but today, the American People have no problem demonizing Snowden, while supporting an "Obama." Indeed, the Republicans who come close to calling him a "traitor," for some reason are as one man hailing his actions as "American."

Compared to this, the OP, and his exagerations, are light sht... .


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