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Re: Andrew...

Fixxxer wrote:

I do believe Andrew has a point, though as you said about the water surface it now is a bit dark and flat. However, in my humble opinion you would benefit from cropping the photo closer to the object from all directions, getting the shoreline in the upper part of the photo out of the picture but also some of the yellow stuff in the bottom (and then obviously a bit on the sides too).

Other than the cropping, as Andrew said perhaps some extra contrast or something might do, but I believe you get enough extra punch from getting that little bit closer to the object.

What I don't get is how they've got that artwork to "hoover" over the surface like that, perhaps you could explain?

Hahaha that would be nice if that the iron curl hoover, but no it doesn't. If you look at the original and you enlarge the image you will see a point of adjustment on the botton side of the curl. Thanks for have a look and your comments.


Nice shot, Lou!

LouHolland wrote:

Andrew is so remarkable but I welcome the fact that you now have taken an image of me and try something from your comment to explain in.

It could use some extra contrast, but aside from the extra contrast revealed the name that you have done a kind of green veil over it and the latter has taken the transparency and depth from the water, you can see that when put the images side by side. Anyway I find it very brave that you've done this and it quite a nice attempt, congrats en thank you.



19andrew47 wrote:

A nice object of art and nicely reflected in the pond. The processing seems to be a bit mild from what I would expect from you Lou. I think I would prefer it with a little more impact. I took the liberty of giving it a go and it is below and will be removed (memory co-operating!) when I post next week's thread.


reprocessed for c&c purpose only!

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