'France is plagued by bankruptcy and mass immigration’ - Marine Le Pen

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About Norway as a Socialist success....

DrugaRunda wrote:

Still many nations which would be defined as socialist - such as Norway, Sweden, or most of the central European ones, are nothing if not successful, while many captialist ones like the ones in old Latin America (before recent socialist quiet or not so quiet revolutions) could be seen as failed. Even a Communist country as China can be seen as successful...

You've made a number of good points to think about, that I also agree with.

However, I'd like to take the liberty of focusing on one of my "pet peeves": Using Norway as a model for why socialism works.

Norway's "success" as a socialist Country does not translate to the U.S.

On the Validity of Comparing the U.S. to Norway

Norway is a huge exporter of oil, In fact, it is the 5th-biggest oil exporter in the world. Bigger than Iraq. Bigger than Kuwait. And Canada. And the U.S. And Venezuela. It is behind only Saudi Arabia, Russia, Iran, and the UAE. And remember, its total population is about the same as Saudi Arabia's second-largest city, Jeddah."

Socialism works pretty well until you run out of money. Norway is essentially sitting on a sea of money/oil.

"Liberals often use Norway to bang conservatives over the head about the virtues of socialistic policies."

Oh, by the way, where exactly is most of the oil being drilled from? Off-shore. Of course, there are no oil spills off Nordic shores, right? Wrong.

"Norway is liberal, but not diverse"

Stick Norway, with a population of 4.7 million, between the relatively open Mexican border and the U.S. and see what happens.

You'd get a flood of entitlement seekers from both directions.

Since cutting and pasting is popular in this forum, here are a few from the above referenced article:

So the simple-minded story is that Norway is some great socialist state yet its economy is humming along just nicely. Let me summarize its real keys to prosperity.

  • A tiny, non-diverse, predominantly white and Christian population.
  • Drilling in its ocean for oil to become one of the biggest oil exporters on the planet, and the biggest by far on a per capita basis, all during a time when oil prices quintupled.
  • Letting its carbon footprint grow at one of the fastest paces in Europe, a pace almost five times faster than the U.S.'s.
  • Shrinking its government spending, the equivalent to the U.S. federal government cutting its spending in half over 16 years. Shrinking its government spending to about the level of the U.S.'s, and smaller than most of Europe's.
  • A tax system that is flatter than flat; it is regressive -- the rich pay less than the non-rich.

And while the U.S. government is "investing" in high-speed rail, solar energy, wind energy, etc., look at this Statoil website to see where Norway put its money. (Norway owns 67% of Statoil's stock.)

I'm convinced. Let's imitate Norway.


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