Looking for the best Wifi SD Card for tethering, can anyone recommend an EyeFi alternative?

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Re: Looking for the best Wifi SD Card for tethering, can anyone recommend an EyeFi alternative?

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Fashion Photographer wrote:

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I don't think the cameras were made to have "WIFI SD Cards" inserted. If they use more power than regular SD cards then yes, it may short out the camera in the long run since it wasn't made to use that much power I should think. Why is it so important to you to shoot tethered? Reading your post one could think that you didn't do so until now and you were doing just fine, did some of your clients specifically ask for tethered shooting? Why do you even have the client in the same room?

Really? Well I want to be able to show clients my images as they come and be able to check things on a larger display than the back of the camera. Is it really harmful to the camera?

Still haven't bought anything btw, maybe I will get the Toshiba Flash Air after all but one thing that worries me and still puts me off is that apparently if you format the card in camera it will stop working, is this true? Is there a card you can format in camera without deactivating WIFI capabilities?

I will have to check on my PQI card. I believe it can be formatted in camera, but the big difference with this card is that it has no built in memory. It is just a microSD adapter that has a WiFi router built-in. So you could format your selected microSD card in a separate SD adapter, then insert it into the PQI card. I do know that it places some control images onto the card, but it has been a few weeks since I played with it.

Are you using a D800?

Sorry not a Nikon user. I have used the card in a number of my Olympus cameras, E-5, XZ-1, XZ-2, E-PM1. I can't recall if I tested it in my friend's Nikon D60 when he visited. I tried the EyeFi, but it failed to communicate with my devices.

From the PQI FAQ pages: PQI Air Card may be formatted like any other memory card. Formatting will not delete any wireless network settings.

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