X20 OVF - blurred image during zooming. Is this normal?

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Re: X20 OVF - blurred image during zooming. Is this normal?

JohnXLondon wrote:

I looked at two separate examples of the X20 to-day in two separate stores and found that both examples exhibited the same apparent 'fault' which I haven't seen mentioned in any reviews.

When looking through the OVF the image seemed to lose sharp focus as I zoomed the lens, and in any event was soft at the edges.

Is this normal?

Better book in with your eye specialist.

It's an OVF, and does not have or need any focus adjustment apart from the dioptre on the eyepiece.  Being optical in action it does not rely on some automatic, electronic focusing system.

It cannot lose focus at any time, well if it did it would not regain it.  If it's in focus at the end of a particular zoom movement it will also be in focus during that movement. If, at any particular zoom setting the OVF is not in focus, you would just double check the dioptre setting.

To put it another way, if during the zoom it "lost" focus, all those zoom settings would stay out of focus when you checked later at each static position of the zoom ring for which you noticed the OOF effect.

It's your eye which is losing its focus, if the effect is in fact happening.

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