Lots of feedbacks needed for my learning

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Re: Lots of feedbacks needed for my learning

DavidLiu wrote:

I just bought a Canon EOS 650D (T4i) recently, my first DSLR. Here is an attempt. Any feedback is appreciated.

Here is my own analysis.

1. The lighting is not ideal. It is open shade, no cloud. So the scene is flat.

2. Nothing in the water, no foreground to create a depth.

3. I am not sure if the rule of thirds is well placed.

Anything else?

I agree with the other posters.  You were too far away and there's too much clutter for this to be a great image.  Having said that, it's a nice memory for you, and anyone viewing it should be able to get past those issues and at least get a little enjoyment out of this peaceful scene.

You mentioned shooting from a ferry with a 55mm zoom.  There wasn't much you could do in that situation.  There's still the option to try to enhance it in Photoshop.  Since another poster did some editing and you didn't seem to mind, I decided to give it a quick go to see what I could come up with.  I'm not a Photoshop expert and I'm working with an old version of PS Elements.  I'm sure the people on the Retouching forum could do much better.

An interesting aspect of the image that stood out strongly to me was the relationship between the buildings on the hill on the right side and what appears to be a historic little village on the bottom left.  There's a nice line of trees emphasizing the slope that connects the two.  The first thing that came to my mind was that cropping as a horizontal panorama would bring out the relationship between the two:

Other edits:  I spent about 15-20 minutes cloning stuff out that doesn't add to the scene.  I also brightened the old village to bring it out and did a small global lightening.  After cropping, cloning, and brightening, as a final step I ran the water color filter.  I reduced the opacity 50% to give it a fairly light treatment.  I generally don't use the filters much, but this scene screamed "water color".  The drawback is that the filter eliminates some of the detail, but I don't think that's actually a drawback in this case since much of the fine detail was distracting from the overall scene.

This version in no way replaces your original.  Your shot is a memory of the day for you.  This is an attempt to make something fun and hopefully appeal to a wider audience.  I'm sure there are many other ways to approach this image and much more that could be done with my edit (i.e clouds, birds, sailboat, etc).  Regardless of the approach, it's definitely a great image to play with.

Thanks for sharing it,


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