silky waterfall shots using a sl1000??????

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Re: silky waterfall shots using a sl1000??????

Hello and welcome to the forum :-).

If I understand you correctly, to get the 'silky effect' with your camera I would use a strong Neutral density filter of about x400 or x1000 density :-

A x1000 will turn a 1/1000th second exposure of your camera into a 1 second exposure, so depending on the light you have, stop down the lens a bit to say f5.6-7.1 and set the camera to 100 ISO and you should get a reasonably long esposure of about 10 seconds or so. Your camera goes down to 30 seconds exposure so you have room to play with. You will need a tripos to keep the camera rock steady and use the self timer to take the photo to prevent any vibration. Set the camera to manual mode and keep experimenting with the exposure. The longer the exposure the more silky the effect. These filters can produce a change in colour balance but this can be made a lot better with a bit of post processing.

Good luck with your photos. Please show us what you manage to get one day


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