why is this not sharp ? please help me

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Re: why is this not sharp ? please help me

Philippe Laurens wrote:

cheers, I know 1.4 is really narrow. But shouldn't be a small part of the photo sharp, even on a very narrow plane ? here, can u tell where the focus was done ? I can't. I mean, I was obviously focusing on the baby face (a99 was on face detection mode), but I don't even see one tiny part sharp on the face, while the shutter speed excludes "blur coz baby moved" explanation.

I just used that dof calculator on this website u suggested. Assuming I was 2 meters away from the baby, with the lens open at 1.4, with full frame sensor, etc, the sharp zone is 14cm deep. Should be way enough to get several parts of the baby face sharp.

I would say the focus is on the snap under his chin.

1/250 sec shutter speed is not really that fast.  He moves; you move - it makes a big difference.

I would also say that you were a lot closer than 2 meters.  You're nearly beside the bottom of her foot and his face is at her knee.  If you use 1 meter, your DoF is now down to 3cm.  Less than 1 meter...

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