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Simon Garrett wrote:

golf1982 wrote:

wifi has so much potential beyond just downloading images, though downloading a few images while on the o to iPad, laptop or phone without cable is a really useful feature. Combined with software you could also use a phone or ipad as a wireless shutter release, wireless (with video) camera control, or even use the ipad to adjust settings much easier than fiddley submenus.

I quite agree. For real-time control stuff wifi could be very useful, where the (relatively) low bandwidth is not an issue.

Wireless tethered shooting (what some people have called "tetherless"): it's pushing it, certainly with raw files. I can think of model sessions when I shoot a set of 20 or 30 raws and immediately everyone wants to see them on the laptop before the next set. Uploading at tens of seconds per shot: I don't think so.

The real issue is that wifi isn't very fast. For a lot of things for which more "serious" DSLR users might want wireless connectivity, wifi is just too slow. At 54Mbit, 802.11g gives around 22Mbit/s throughput (in practice usually significantly less in urban environments), which means a D800 raw image transfers in around 20 seconds if you're lucky. With 802.11 you could theoretically get 10x faster, but 2x is more likely.

I have a CamRanger and find it very useful. Live View focusing on an iPad screen is much superior to using the camera LCD. Automating a focus stack is helpful. Intervalometer, and HDR sequences are other features beyond downloading images.

It would be great if it wasn't necessary to hang a dongle on the camera to make it work. There would be more competition at the software end for controlling the camera by iPad if developers didn't have to supply the hardware. CamRanger software is a bit basic. For focus stacking you don't get to input the distance change between shots. You just get Fine, Medium, and Coarse (IIRC). If there was more competition you might get DOF calculator integrated into it and be able to choose specific distances. Or, leave it to the software to figure it for you. Fine, Medium, and Coarse is like having focus settings with icons for a mountain, a person, and a flower.

If you think add-on units are a good idea, connect a CamRanger, and a GPS unit, then go out shooting in the field. Track wildlife or shoot landscapes in harsh weather. Shoot a sporting event.

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