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Re: It is all perfectly fine ..

Great Bustard wrote:

I can quote all sorts of things people have said ...

So can I.  Here's something you once wrote in this very forum:

"So, we are left with the following conclusions:

  • 5 MP records more detail than your eye can see at 17 x 22 inches.
  • The lenses used are not sharp enough to capture more detail on a sensor with more pixels.
  • The false detail introduced by upsampling is good enough to pass as real detail.
  • The effect of printing on resolution is similar to the effect of diffraction softening.

Let's discuss these points in more detail. 5 MP at 17 x 22 inches results in 116 PPI (pixels per inch), whereas 12 MP results in 179 PPI.

So, if we cannot perceive a difference between 116 PPI and 179 PPI, then we will not notice a difference between 5 MP and 12 MP. Alternatively, the lenses used might not be sharp enough to result in any visible difference in resolution between 5 MP and 12 MP.

On the other hand, we can display the photo at any PPI we like by upsampling. So, we could upsample both the 5 MP and 12 MP files to, such as 300 PPI (the "gold standard" of viewing resolution). So, it may be that the additional false detail introduced in the 5 MP file over the 12 MP file when upsampling to 34 MP (300 PPI for a 17 x 22 inch print) cannot be visually distinguished from real detail.

Lastly, it might be exactly opposite. That is, the resolution lost in printing is such that the 12 MP loses much more detail in the printing process than 5 MP, just as 12 MP will lose more detail than 5 MP at narrow apertures. In other words, while 12 MP will always retain more detail than 5 MP, it will asymptotically lose that detail advantage as the aperture narrows, just as it may lose much of the detail advantage when being printed."

— SteveG
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