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Simon Garrett wrote:

rrrremus wrote:

Do people really need GPS and WiFi?

Nobody needs any new technological innovation, obviously, or the human race could not have existed thus far. If you are old enough, you might recall how people muttered about not needing mobile phones, but we've adapted our lives to take advantage of them, and now we "need" mobile phones.

I don't especially want GPS - I can always tell you roughly where I took any photo - but maybe it will become a must-have.

Wifi is clearly relevant for smart phones and jpeg shooters, but is a bit limited in speed for big raw files.

Handy for for tetherless shooting and other real-time upload. But uploading 36 M pixel D800 raw images over wifi is sloooooooooooooooooooooooow. I've just upgraded my home network from 100Mbit to 1Gbit as backups were getting too slow. And even 54Mbit wifi achieves only 22Mbit throughput (much more error correction than wired Ethernet). In public spaces even that might be optimistic. You could be talking of 30 seconds or more for each D800 raw to move over wifi.

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many find it hard to see the benefit of something until they have it.

Gps is really useful in organising the thousands of Photos we now take. it combined with improving software will make it much easier to Find photographs.

wifi has so much potential beyond just downloading images, though downloading a few images while on the o to iPad, laptop or phone without cable is a really useful feature. Combined with software you could also use a phone or ipad as a wireless shutter release, wireless (with video) camera control, or even use the ipad to adjust settings much easier than fiddley submenus.

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