Canon 70D: NOT the camera of the year

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Re: Majority of professionals pick DSLRs with mirror, consumers may be different

Midwest wrote:

Adrian Van wrote:

DSLRs with mirrors outsell the mirrorless by a large margin, as all sales figures today indicate. Ask the giants Canon and Nikon which sells more. See the amazon reports. Sony uses an SLT transluscent mirror still.

Over 95 per cent of full time professional photographers in my opinion prefer an OVF to an EVF, to take their professionally paid photos. Todays professionals probably own both camera types, but for serious work, most pros today will turn to DSLR and OVF.

This may be changing yearly, but not there yet as the more popular system. Sony may be starting the trend, but Nikon and Canon are largely DSLR sales more than mirrorless at the moment.

Consumers on the other hand, some of them want to feel justified that theirs is the better system.
Both systems have their pros and cons.

I also think the OMD and GH3 are great cameras, and used by some pros, but more pros use DSLRs and usually full frame if they are working full time.

I do like where they are going with Canon 70D and would like to see in other higher cameras and a 7DII.

Totally agree with all you say. And despite the constant tiresome evangelism about how mirrorless is great and DSLR's are unnecessary etc. etc. I have nothing against those cameras.
I'm sure they are great for some people and Canon's new sensor is going to elevate that type. Being able to focus at f/11 is a huge advantage in itself.

The OP ought to quit worrying about DSLR's and the 70D; for his purposes, the real story is the sensor itself, and how much better it will make Canon's mirrorless cameras than his brand. Whatever it is.

Thanks for comments. The 70D is only a start to the possible future of DSLRs, but we pros still love our OVF (most of us).

I like my Olympus Pen and great for personal use, but I would only take a Professional FF DSLR to a paid wedding job and prefer OVF for that. We may see the day of course in distant future, and Sony has a nice FF camera, but it is not here yet for the majority of pro dslr users who love using OVF.

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