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Re: Gps and wifi

afoton wrote:

Simon Garrett wrote:

I don't especially want GPS - I can always tell you roughly where I took any photo - but maybe it will become a must-have.

I have connected gps to my cameras since D1X. Even if I know where I am, it has saved me a lot of works when archiving. For reverse lookup, the coordinates makes it a very easy task to find pictures from a specific place or area. For documentations, also the gps is making it alot easyer, even if I could do the same without the connected gps. So for me it is a must-have.

But part of the concept of camera system, is that each one can connect external devices as each one is in need of. And as many different gps-devices that is made for Nikon cameras, with different models of battery savings, I am glad I can choose the one that suits my needs. A built in gps would probably have several issues that would not suits my needs.

An external one is vunrable, and unwieldy. A decent built in gps is perfect. If yu dont like it you can always turn it off.

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