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We noted ..

John King wrote:

Wrong, as usual, Newman ...

Had to look back to the very beginning of my digital photography "career" to find something to suit your very obvious position ...

I note the following:

1) You have once again breached my copyright by copying an image from my web site and placing it in your own DPR gallery without my knowledge or consent. That says everything that needs to be said about you, AFAIAC.


2) You have down-sized the image from its original size, both in pixel dimensions and file size.

3) You have removed the EXIF data for a purpose or purposes that are blatantly obvious.

Each of the images it appears are on the same host, so I do not know what else Bob had to do to have one displayed (other than simply link to it). I suspect he was not even looking, just took the first he saw.




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- sergey

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