Canon 70D: NOT the camera of the year

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Re: Canon 70D: NOT the camera of the year

Michael Barkowski wrote:

Since Midwest is too tired, will someone else explain to me, since I generally shoot static subjects, why you would want to keep TTL OVF for shooting moving subjects, since TTL OVF requires a mirror (until transparent sensors are invented) and a mirror is a physical object which needs to be moved before the shot, thereby introducing a perceptible shutter lag, and driving the need for silly features such as continuous burst shooting?

so ... all the pros doing sports photography are wrong and should use a mirrorless/EVF camera?

An EVF or LCD has display lag, an OVF has ZERO lag; it may be invisible for short periods but that's something else then lag (the EVF probably isn't updated continually either and some are using interlaced refresh that can create extra distortions).

Mirrorless cameras have shutter lag too, and the lag because of their generally slow AF is a more important factor than the delay from flipping the DSLR mirror. That might change in the future, just like EVF's will become better, but IMHO it will take at least some years before they can compete with DSLR for fast action.

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