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Re: Lag, it exists but often overstated now....

ljfinger wrote:

TrojMacReady wrote:

...let alone when the lag diminishes to imperceptible levels under most relevant circumstances in the future.

I say overstated because I already see WWII veterans (pause...exclamation mark ..pause) shooting R/C planes and helicopters in flight with perfect framing using 2 year old technology with an EVF. And zero disrespect to the elderly, but if you're much younger than that, you shouldn't have any trouble related to lag worth mentioning with that EVF for most action oriented shooting.

Depends on how fast your subjects are, and how tight you frame them. I was recently shooting with 25ms of lag, and I could not follow the subject. I had to zoom out a factor of three to follow that subject with 25ms of lag versus following it with zero lag.

So improvements are very welcome and will follow, but the handful of milliseconds (~10 ms in very low light, less in good light)

Not on any current camera. 25ms is about the fastest available right now, and that's only in good light. It's more like 350ms in low light.

Not really. I measured my old tech A500 LCD in main sensor LV to be around 51ms (+- 20ms) in low light with my computer screen being the only light source and with a fast lens obviously (who would shoot low light like that without one?). The A77 was measured (one test with oscilloscope, the other using a timer) to be as stated in my post above.

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