Canon 70D: NOT the camera of the year

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Re: LOL OVF people

Midwest wrote:

This is going to be a fun time if Canon's on chip AF is as good as it is said to be, and THEY hold the patent.

Remember all those people whining about the EOS-M, saying Canon doesn't care about anything but milking DSLR sales, saying Canon should buy sensors from Sony or Toshiba because clearly they themselves weren't capable of anything new, on and on... and now they come out of left field and smack a bunch of people upside the head with something revolutionary.

What was the silly name of this thread again?

To some extent I think you can see they do favour DSLR's by the fact this is debuting on the 70D but really it seems like tech that's surely been devolped for the mirrorless market.

Canon might have been late to the party(and the EOS M seems somewhat rushed) but they seem to have a strong focus on what people actually want, quality lenses that don't cost the earth and good AF.

I'll say it again, anyone who thinks that by investing in say m43 or Sony E mount lenses they've "future proofed" themselves is badly underestimating how much the mirrorless market is likely to change. Loads of players and all of them losing money means there are likely to be some high profile pull outs in the next few years.

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