Canon 70D: NOT the camera of the year

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Re: Lag, it exists but often overstated now....

DSHAPK wrote:

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That scenario is way different than capturing a bif with a 500mm lens.

I shot birds in flight with a low end EVF and a 500mm lens 5 years ago. The lag has been reduced a LOT since then and other factors have improved too.

Maybe you mean those few birds that are exceptionally fast and erratic such as swallows etc. Hence why I said most action. But I've shot those using an LCD (just for kicks) too with my A500 and that's old tech, we're talking future tech.

Right, but what you find exceptional, another may find sub-optimal. Passable to you, may not be usable to another. I acknowledge you did say that in another way, I personally would prefer my ovf on my t4i to the best evf out there today.

I used to say the same thing about my T3i (same basic VF as the T4i). And I don't recall any forum posts from the Rebel forum saying 'My viewfinder is freezing / tearing' or 'my viewfinder is too small / too dim'.

The people who seem to have most of the problems with OVF's are people who don't have them, and maybe never did.

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