Canon 70D: NOT the camera of the year

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Re: Canon 70D: NOT the camera of the year

peevee1 wrote:

Mikhail Tal wrote:

Let's assume the best case scenario, that Canon's new dual pixel AF system works just as well in live view as it does with the mirror down. Great, so why keep the mirror and OVF at all? This fall's newest generation of EVFs are surely going to drive the lastnail in the OVF coffin and turn it into a complete anacrhonism, making the 70D technologically obsolete just a few months in. It has been well documented that OVFs are on the verge of going the way of film, useful only for nostalgia and people who don't care about utility and functionality. So the 70D may be a nice camera, too bad canon stuck it with an OVF and mirror that the more competitive cameras will soon be able to do without (by soon I mean this fall, like Olympus, Sony, etc.)

Image you see through Olympus VF-4 is already higher than the OVF in 1Dx, and at 2.4 mpix, beyond resolution problems and of course any brightness problems with any lens in any light. APS-C OVFs need not apply.

And does it do away with little problems like being useless in burst shooting (showing what you just shot, not what you're about to, for example)? No matter what you tack on a mirrorless camera it's not going to change the weird / useless ways it works in some circumstances.

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