'France is plagued by bankruptcy and mass immigration’ - Marine Le Pen

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Re: 'France is plagued by bankruptcy and mass immigration’ - Marine Le Pen

LeRentier wrote:

There seems to be an agreement that France needs to be put back on its feet and, if anyone wants to propose a plan in 5 simple steps to achieve that, please, be my guest, detail the plan and if I like it, I'll organise a revolution to carry out that plan.
Realistic plans only please, I'm already working on a revolution in the US, I'm to busy for nonsense.

Hmm, I think I am not going to help you with your French revolution; don't want to feel guilty for the rest of my life if it turns out wrong and your new rulers reactivate the good old guillotine and do a first test run on your head! 

But in the case of the US, my advice would be forget about how it was done in Egypt now or in Eastern Germany in 89; you'll never make hundreds of thousands come out of their holes to protest in the streets for several days and nights in the land of the obese and lethargic!

The only way it might work would be some kind of poll that can be done while sitting at home in front of the TV, so no need to interrupt eating popcorn or smoking some grass, something electronic, maybe via  a mobile phone, kind of like texting either "O-B-A-M-A" or "N-O-B-A-M-A", that should even work while eating, stoned or drunk!

But if you prefer some kind of outdoor-revolution, I could only think of something like a drive-in event; people could bring all their nice SUVs to show off a little, these SUVs also loaded with all their fancy Kalashnikows, Colts and Glocks, so they all feel better without being scared and could even "stand their ground" against each other, if necessary.

If Obama is smart, he could suggest the nations biggest FEMA camps as meeting points for these drive-in protests. In case he doesn't feel like resigning, no matter what decision the protesters will come up with, he could simply order to just close the gates of the camps and then send in some drones, maybe colorfully exploding as the 10 p.m. revolutionary fireworks,  problem solved, opposition and revolution finished.


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