Canon 70D: NOT the camera of the year

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Re: LOL OVF people

DSHAPK wrote:

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Mikhail Tal wrote:

Me: Future EVFs will be superior to OVFs

OVF people: Wrong, because present EVFs are not superior to OVFs in my opinion.

Me: Flawless logic...

Your logic is flawed because you are talking about the "Camera of the Year", which is the present, not the future.

Also the presumption that future EVFs will be better is based on faith, whereas OVF superiority is currently observed.

The electric cars of today are faster, but travel NO FURTHER on a charge than the electric car your great grandpa could buy one hundred years ago. Turn on the heat or A/C and lights and watch the range drop to half that much.

Your grandpa had access to Lithium-Ion batteries 100 years ago? Really? On what planet is this? Is it on the same planet where 0.01-0.02s of EVF lag tucked on top of 0.3-0.4s reaction time+shutter lag makes EVFs somehow unusable? Oh horror, 0.31-0.42s total lag vs 0.3-0.4s lag!

Did you know Porsche designed the first hybrid vehicle in 1903...with electric motors on the rear axle? (I believe). It wasn't lithium batteries, but lead acid batteries back them. Range hasn't increased, just the density of storage of the charge.

And it still takes many hours to 'refill' them as opposed to a couple of minutes to refill a gas tank.

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