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Re: Moving Software CS versions

Basalite wrote:

coronawithlime wrote:

Before you do anything, you might give consideration to loading Parallels and using your current software.

You would have to spring for the cost of Parallels and Windows and then you would still be running in a virtual environment. Why do that if you can simply get a Mac version that will perform better natively?

Save yourself some trouble and deactivate the version on Windows first before deleting it or getting rid of the old computer.

Since he states he's "thinking about moving to MAC" one might conclude he already has a copy of Windows to move to the new MAC.  Thus the comment to deactivate it before deletion.  If it's the version that came on a computer he's screwed though.

If he's not on the current Photoshop version many of the recent posts on the subject indicate he can't move it to a different platform without upgrading.  Parallels is cheaper than Photoshop.

Many posts on this forum indicate the difference between running natively or through Parallels isn't noticeable. It certainly isn't for me. Might not be a good idea on a base spec 11 inch Mac Air, but I haven't tried that

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