Why 'Sony' not taken seriously?

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If you liked the R-1, then you should love the Olympus OM-D

In 2005, Sony created a camera with a large sensor and a fixed 5 power zoom. This was billed as a compact camera, and cost around $1,000, which means around $1,300 today.

In 2012, Olympus created a small mirror-less camera that comes with a 4.2 power zoom lens. This camera also costs around $1,300 in today's dollars.

But here is the difference:

  • the OM-D is much smaller and lighter
  • the OM-D will produce much better files
  • the OM-D has much higher resolution
  • the OM-D has built in IS, the R-1 has no IS
  • the OM-D is weather sealed and has a higher build quality
  • the OM-D has a much better (and larger) LCD screen
  • the OM-D has a much better EVF
  • the OM-D can use over 30 different AF lenses
  • the OM-D has a focus assist lamp
  • the OM-D has a touch screen
  • the OM-D has much better high ISO sensitivity
  • the OM-D has more art filters and scene modes than you can imagine

It really is truly amazing at how much the technology has improved in seven years, at the very same effective pricepoint.

But wait.... you say you can get a used R-1 for only $300. I can get a brand new EPM1 with a lens for $300, and it still will outperform the R-1 in most regards.

I am a camera collector, so I understand the strong appeal of nostalgia. But for a shooter, the R-1 is just hopelessly obsolete today, even at bargain prices.

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