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Seriously Every D600? Oil Issue?

I cannot help but think not every D600 has this issue. But it could be some marketing hype attack by competitors of Nikon. Either way I am skeptical about purchasing any camera especially New Nikon Models. I believe cleaning a sensor is not a problem. Just is every one going to have a problem?

Here is some cross thread quotes from previous talks over this issue

Nikonfan99 wrote:

Have you read any of the past posts about this? Used search? No offense but people keep starting new posts for the same thing when the info is already here. For the record, lensrentals reported dust. Also asking here is like asking if people like obama. You going to get all sorts of answers. If you are not willing to clean your sensor as the need comes up, dont buy this camera. You can look at my previous posts an you should get your answer. Sorry these rumors are getting old. Just frustrating. And no I am not the forum police. And yes you have a right to post what you like.

I am not looking for answers such as this. I am looking for specific answers and estimates over how many have this problem.

I have been happy with my D600. In fact, the oil spots are there, but only when shooting at f8-f11 or smaller aperture so it is not on every picture. In my case I had a "bit of luck" cause the spots were less than 20 so I decided to do nothing about them on the sensor and fix them in Lightroom as needed.

I am looking for information like this, specific f-stops that reveal the shutter.

I do not believe any camera sensor should be cleaned after 1000-10000 photos. Or that I should have to operate the camera below f-stop. When I buy a car I am not looking at changing my tires every 100 miles - I pay money for quality (D600 is Money=Quality) This is to ensure I have good working equipment. If I have to clean a camera every 1000 shots than I am getting good quality (Nikon) camera.

What rumour are you referring to? the "rumour" that D600 has a larger gap in the shutter mechanism that pops oil droplets on the sensor and a lot of D600s are affected by this? it is not an rumour and it is not old. It affects a lot of existing owners and affecting the decisions of potential owners.

I want to know how many owners even now that are still having this problem. I do not care how long you have owned the camera but how many shots you have accumulated on it. I am looking for replies that have specific information on this camera with around 5000 ShutterCounts.

Some people have made it clear that after so many shots the oil seems to "go away" after so many shots.

3000 shots magic number

Even so if this is the magic number - I want to buy a well used Nikon D600 - even so a well used Nikon D600 is worth more now after 3000 shots given it would have no more oil issues and actually be worth the Name of Nikon (quality).

Cleaning the sensor again I know does take a short amount of time but quality is Nikon. And so is $1000+ for any camera or electronic I purchase. Investment is not measured by how often one has to clean his equipment, but rather does this specific Camera perform in such a way I will not have to return and redo 10 hours of a Time Lapse or redo an entire wedding because half way through taking photos these spots appear. Me being so wrapped in an event would never notice until I went into review. It is not my job to edit out spots or clean a sensor for a camera I am spending money on to get Quality.

AllOtherNamesTaken wrote:

Droster wrote:

People come and talk about a problem when they see one. They don't do that when they don't see a problem. Hence the misunderstanding of the topic.

So for the record, almost 5k shots in, my D600 has got no dust nor oil problems. These working cameras actually exists.

This is precisely why these "issues" are GROSSLY exaggerated so much.

And same here, my D600 is perfect, everyone I know's D600 is perfect, and I've asked local retailers who have told me they have not had a single return or complaint due to dust or oil. But how can that be??? A few forum posts must mean that 100% of D600's are covered in oil! Haha.

I do care if many of these Oil Issues are exaggerated  But this site should have an ongoing updated thread about how many people have this issues. Polls and Questions. It would be great to have an actual list of D600 owners estimate on this site - how many have the issues when and what shutter count appear or disappear.

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