Canon 70D: NOT the camera of the year

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Re: Canon 70D: NOT the camera of the year

peevee1 wrote:

scorrpio wrote:

..or when at a major sporting event, the number of mirrorless cameras in the press box exceeds DSLRs.

Don't they now? I mean TV/video?

Yes , they do--and many pro TV video cameras and camcorders are made by Canon. But, they only have HDTV 2 MP displays, which are large (of course) and have acceptably little lag. The reason is that for fast sports, such as hockey, they set the camera to wide angle so it does not need to follow the puck exactly. Even in golf, it's possible to follow a driven ball because it starts fast and, more or less, follows the same trajectory.

It's puzzling to me why some people (including the OP) think that they only can have one horse in the race (either EF or OF). Canon has been in the VF game for many years because of consumer and real pro video cameras. If they see that VF still-camera bodies (FF or APS) can increase sales, and not cannibalize OF DSLR body sales, they'll offer both. They know how to do it better than anybody.


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