Can you see the international space station with P510?

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Re: Can you see the international space station with P510?

I would think you will have a problem holding steady on it as it moves quite fast. and you would surely not get a lot of detail. Ever try to photograph a house over a 100 miles away. Below is a star trail I did with the ISS almost touching the North Star (something I am always trying to do).

Notice the gap in the image just before it passes Polaris. These were 30 second exposures and that is the 1 second delay that the intervalometer has between shots to start a new image. Interesting and it may help you come up with a plan to photograph the ISS.

The picture was a 4 hour 490 image star trail that was taken with my D80 / 35mm F1.8 lens. I had a battery grip on and the batteries ran dead about two exposures after the ISS had cleared the field (beginners luck) and I almost got the North Star. Good luck on this - bper

Star trail with the ISS and Polaris (North Star)

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